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About Kamat Group

Sri Sheshagiri Pandurang Kamat

Sri Sheshagiri Pandurang Kamat, born on 21st November 1926 in Bengre village near Murudeshwar, Karnataka; was the son of an agriculturist.

He came to Hubli on 21st September 1944 and started trading in firewood to support himself. In the year 1947, he followed the footsteps of his elder brother and Restaurant Entrepreneur Sri R.P.Kamat and joined him in business, he took over the management of Indian Railway Institute Canteen at Goodshed area in Hubli. Under the tutelage and guidance of his elder brother, he learned the tricks of the trade of Hotel Industry.

In the year 1956, he started his 2nd Eatery in a Scrap Railway Bogie in Gadag Road, Hubli. His patrons fondly called it ‘Dabba Canteen’ due to its unique set up and shape. At a later stage, modern building was set up in the existing space and the canteen was renamed as ‘Kamat Cafe’ but still, it continued to be called as ‘Dabba Canteen’ by the regular customers.

Sri Sheshagiri Pandurang Kamat was mentored and guided by his elder brother Sri R.P.Kamat to expand his Restaurant business and practice high principles and policies beneficial to every one connected to it thus he established a chain of Restaurants and Hotels across Karnataka and Maharastra. He was best known for his time management, discipline, and workaholic nature, he leads a simple and principled life reflective of his business and was well respected by his peers in the industry. He expired on 9th April 2002.

Under the leadership of Sri Sheshagiri Pandurang Kamat, the following branches were set up.

1962 : Alankar Hotel, Dajibanapet, Hubli

1963: K.S.R.T.C Canteen, Nippani

1967: Kamat Restaurant, Bangalore

1970: (10.10.1970) Kamat Restaurant, J C Road, Bangalore

1971 : Kamat Lodge & Restaurant, Minerva Circle, Bangalore

1972 March 23rd : Kamat Restaurant, Unity Building, Bangalore

1975 May : Kamat Refreshments, N.T.Road, Opp. Reserve Bank, Bangalore

1975 December : Kamat Restaurant, N.R.Road, Near Town Hall, Bangalore

1976 : Kamat Cafe, Durgada Baila, Hubli

1979 March : Kamat Tea Depot, Hubli

1981 February : Kamat Restaurant, Belgaum

1982 December : Kamat Restaurant, Colaba, Bombay

1984 : Kamat Restaurant, Honnavar

1986 : Kamat Tea Depot, Belgaum

1988 : Kamat Sweets & Snacks, Colaba, Bombay

1990 : Kamat Yatrinivas, Bangalore

1994 August : Kamat Kitchen Equipments Company, Bombay

1995 : Kamat Restaurant, Hyderabad

1995 October: Kamat Restaurant, K.G.Road , Bangalore

1996 February : Kamat Food Plaza, Nagpur

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